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Bonjour! comment allez-vous?

-phew- Today was sooo tiring.. Ya know wut? My PE teacher gave martial arts lesson to my class. Great. That would be so difficult because is so tricky.. and yeah, there are so many punches, kicks, and screams. I didn’t know what to do when my teacher asked another my friend to against me. I’m too weak and slow. My opponent is so strong and skillful. Like a little fish want to take fight with a giant crocodile. I’m feel so tiny. *sobs*

Fortunately, my friend faced me patiently. So I could fix my moves. Little by little my hands, my body, and legs can keep up with the attack’s rhythm. Because of her I got high score for it. Thanks Win!

Talking about good stories. I have one good thing that I said will be told in this post. Actually, Grace, Hanum, Iis, and I joined an Indonesian Youth Ideas Competition which is held by Provocative Generation. Specially for the ‘business idea’. But we didn’t tell anybody about this, because we wont make anyone beg us to win. I’m sorry guys….

We thought that we will lose, because so many people from general level join this competition. We’re just senior high school student. Our expertise is still not enough compared with those who have grown up and experienced. Yeah, between adults and teenagers. Who will get the winner place?

This is so unexpected. The announcement showed up on February 1st. Our business plan is listed in the web! We’re qualified to the top-50!!! While our competitors are more than 200 people and many of them are university students. We just speechless!

Alhamdulillah, our struggle was not in vain. Thanks to Allah. :)

See this list, we’re the 17th with our business plan, ‘BAGONG’.

New Picture (1)


Well, this is not the end of our works. Because we must be qualified into top-25 to take part for the final session.

We want to make our parents, teachers and friends proud with us. So, wish us luck. :)

New Pictures See their official website here.

Bye-bye mon ami!


Pu Chan

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