Senin, 14 Februari 2011


Greetings! :D

Hey pals, I wonder what people will get after they tried so hard? This people is so obsessed with everything, big ambition, and hardworking. You kno who-is-this? I can say, this is me.

I was trying so hard to get the victory. But how unlucky I am (sorry, I musn’t say that), I just get nothing. Do you want to know about the result, right? I’ve told you that I joined many competitions. Yeah, I can handle the Astronomy, but the other? God, how silly I am. The business ideas, my dad said it just a fraud by the people who expert in internet and have an aim to enrich themselves. My friends and me spent money up to one thousand rupiah for filling the requirement. The committee said if we didn’t pay the money we would be disqualified. Damn, we have worked, but they do not respect us and make us lose for no reason. I remember that they don’t have any clear address and unprofessional behavior. So I start to believe my dad. Oh dad, If I just trust your advice at first… *sobs*

The Bunkasai went not-well. Why I say that? Yup, maybe is great I could run into final session. From 25 participants, I’m included in top-5 list. I have the biggest score on that session. But on the next day, I have to sing another song and memorize the lyric just in 1 day! Great, now I’m in really teribble condition. And yeah, as my prediction, I LOSE. I can’t remember some parts of the lyric!! Ohh myy… that was so embarassing… I still can’t forget that time, when one judge from Japan gave me the first comment. She said that my pronuncation must be increase more. She laughed at me when I messed up the lyric. TT__TT

But one thing I can get, I learn many things!! Yeah, that isn’t only ‘one’ thing. Hahahahaha. The judges said that I’m cute and have nice voice *LOL They love when I’m talking. My voice like an anime dubber. ‘so cute’ they said… hahahahah. So, maybe I will not sing anymore, but try dubbing. XD Many people like my style, that makes me confidence again. I met with many people from many place. Meet lovely strangers. Learn to be brave and confident. -aah, so great. :)

I’m not sad anymore if I just remember how lucky I am there. I can show who I am to people. I have talent!

Yeah, maybe this is not my chance. But i have another chance right?

Astronomy… I have to work hard for it!! :)

eh, today is Valentine Day isn’t it? I saw many pink stuff today, ehehehe.

hmm.. I want sweet lollipop.. and beautiful white rose…

May someone give me?

*Peace* I’m just kidding. ^^

Happy Love’s Day everyone!! :D


Pu Chan

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