Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Just be positive! hahaha


Watsup guys?

Five days in Bali isn’t like I expected. I thought it would be so boring, tiring, and sucks (remember the f*cking trouble before the trip). But the fact, I got many unforgotten memories, with my dearest friends. Just like I wish.. :)

Do you know Bali? My Indonesian friends must know about it. But my friends from overseas, some of them don’t know about Bali right?

Bali is one of beautiful island in Indonesia. We called it ‘Pulau Dewata’ or “Island of the Gods”. Click here to know more!

Bali has so many adorable things. People, food, handy craft, beaches, mountain, and lake. I Like Kuta Beach most. Oh yah, my school gave the students a task to talk about international relation with foreign tourist and my team got two tourists to have an Interview with us. First tourist came from Brisbane, Aussie. His name is Joe, he is a huge guy with adorable smile. So friendly and good-looking. My friends were so nervous because our English isn’t really good and fluent but the conversation went well. Indeed, it was enough, but when we saw another tourist sitting alone looking at the distance, we approached him and started to speak. This second tourist came from Netherlands, he’s a friendly oldman. Really. That was my first time meet with the most friendly tourist in this world. Not only friendly, but also well-behaved. He doesn’t like to smoke, drink alchohol, have party all night. He hate it. He 'd prever to sleep or read some books to spent his time. What a good man. However, he’s so pity. He has been alone all this time. He has no wife and friends. But, how come? I think he’s kind and have a good look. Yah, but I wouldn’t ask him about that. I wont offended him. After we had a long conversation we ended it with took some photos and asked him to say “Terimakasih” to the handy cam. *LOL he can say it!! What a funny moment.. :)

Yah, most my time in Bali spent with eating, shopping. refreshig, sleeping and laughing! So, don’t be surprised if I’m 2 kilograms heavier, strapped, crazy, and have darker skin because of the blazing sun. Even tough it doesn’t matter at all, because I have so much uhh-mazing experiences. I am so glad.

IMG_5112 My dearest class, PATRICK

IMG_4991 In Benoa Beach, *cheers* Taken by Silvia.

Can’t wait for another great stories! *big smiles*

Pu Chan

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