Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Happy Birthday, PAPA

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February 25th 2011

Happy Birthday Papa,

You’re my dearest father ever. Wish you always healthy, happy, and all the best things, just for you.

I Love you Papa.



Pu Chan

Just be positive! hahaha

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Watsup guys?

Five days in Bali isn’t like I expected. I thought it would be so boring, tiring, and sucks (remember the f*cking trouble before the trip). But the fact, I got many unforgotten memories, with my dearest friends. Just like I wish.. :)

Do you know Bali? My Indonesian friends must know about it. But my friends from overseas, some of them don’t know about Bali right?

Bali is one of beautiful island in Indonesia. We called it ‘Pulau Dewata’ or “Island of the Gods”. Click here to know more!

Bali has so many adorable things. People, food, handy craft, beaches, mountain, and lake. I Like Kuta Beach most. Oh yah, my school gave the students a task to talk about international relation with foreign tourist and my team got two tourists to have an Interview with us. First tourist came from Brisbane, Aussie. His name is Joe, he is a huge guy with adorable smile. So friendly and good-looking. My friends were so nervous because our English isn’t really good and fluent but the conversation went well. Indeed, it was enough, but when we saw another tourist sitting alone looking at the distance, we approached him and started to speak. This second tourist came from Netherlands, he’s a friendly oldman. Really. That was my first time meet with the most friendly tourist in this world. Not only friendly, but also well-behaved. He doesn’t like to smoke, drink alchohol, have party all night. He hate it. He 'd prever to sleep or read some books to spent his time. What a good man. However, he’s so pity. He has been alone all this time. He has no wife and friends. But, how come? I think he’s kind and have a good look. Yah, but I wouldn’t ask him about that. I wont offended him. After we had a long conversation we ended it with took some photos and asked him to say “Terimakasih” to the handy cam. *LOL he can say it!! What a funny moment.. :)

Yah, most my time in Bali spent with eating, shopping. refreshig, sleeping and laughing! So, don’t be surprised if I’m 2 kilograms heavier, strapped, crazy, and have darker skin because of the blazing sun. Even tough it doesn’t matter at all, because I have so much uhh-mazing experiences. I am so glad.

IMG_5112 My dearest class, PATRICK

IMG_4991 In Benoa Beach, *cheers* Taken by Silvia.

Can’t wait for another great stories! *big smiles*

Pu Chan

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011


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Tomorrow I’ll go to Bali with my dearest class mates, PATRICK. Altough I’ve through many problems, finally I can go there. Yah, wish me Luck!








Pu Chan

Senin, 14 Februari 2011


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Greetings! :D

Hey pals, I wonder what people will get after they tried so hard? This people is so obsessed with everything, big ambition, and hardworking. You kno who-is-this? I can say, this is me.

I was trying so hard to get the victory. But how unlucky I am (sorry, I musn’t say that), I just get nothing. Do you want to know about the result, right? I’ve told you that I joined many competitions. Yeah, I can handle the Astronomy, but the other? God, how silly I am. The business ideas, my dad said it just a fraud by the people who expert in internet and have an aim to enrich themselves. My friends and me spent money up to one thousand rupiah for filling the requirement. The committee said if we didn’t pay the money we would be disqualified. Damn, we have worked, but they do not respect us and make us lose for no reason. I remember that they don’t have any clear address and unprofessional behavior. So I start to believe my dad. Oh dad, If I just trust your advice at first… *sobs*

The Bunkasai went not-well. Why I say that? Yup, maybe is great I could run into final session. From 25 participants, I’m included in top-5 list. I have the biggest score on that session. But on the next day, I have to sing another song and memorize the lyric just in 1 day! Great, now I’m in really teribble condition. And yeah, as my prediction, I LOSE. I can’t remember some parts of the lyric!! Ohh myy… that was so embarassing… I still can’t forget that time, when one judge from Japan gave me the first comment. She said that my pronuncation must be increase more. She laughed at me when I messed up the lyric. TT__TT

But one thing I can get, I learn many things!! Yeah, that isn’t only ‘one’ thing. Hahahahaha. The judges said that I’m cute and have nice voice *LOL They love when I’m talking. My voice like an anime dubber. ‘so cute’ they said… hahahahah. So, maybe I will not sing anymore, but try dubbing. XD Many people like my style, that makes me confidence again. I met with many people from many place. Meet lovely strangers. Learn to be brave and confident. -aah, so great. :)

I’m not sad anymore if I just remember how lucky I am there. I can show who I am to people. I have talent!

Yeah, maybe this is not my chance. But i have another chance right?

Astronomy… I have to work hard for it!! :)

eh, today is Valentine Day isn’t it? I saw many pink stuff today, ehehehe.

hmm.. I want sweet lollipop.. and beautiful white rose…

May someone give me?

*Peace* I’m just kidding. ^^

Happy Love’s Day everyone!! :D


Pu Chan

Jumat, 04 Februari 2011


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Bonjour! comment allez-vous?

-phew- Today was sooo tiring.. Ya know wut? My PE teacher gave martial arts lesson to my class. Great. That would be so difficult because is so tricky.. and yeah, there are so many punches, kicks, and screams. I didn’t know what to do when my teacher asked another my friend to against me. I’m too weak and slow. My opponent is so strong and skillful. Like a little fish want to take fight with a giant crocodile. I’m feel so tiny. *sobs*

Fortunately, my friend faced me patiently. So I could fix my moves. Little by little my hands, my body, and legs can keep up with the attack’s rhythm. Because of her I got high score for it. Thanks Win!

Talking about good stories. I have one good thing that I said will be told in this post. Actually, Grace, Hanum, Iis, and I joined an Indonesian Youth Ideas Competition which is held by Provocative Generation. Specially for the ‘business idea’. But we didn’t tell anybody about this, because we wont make anyone beg us to win. I’m sorry guys….

We thought that we will lose, because so many people from general level join this competition. We’re just senior high school student. Our expertise is still not enough compared with those who have grown up and experienced. Yeah, between adults and teenagers. Who will get the winner place?

This is so unexpected. The announcement showed up on February 1st. Our business plan is listed in the web! We’re qualified to the top-50!!! While our competitors are more than 200 people and many of them are university students. We just speechless!

Alhamdulillah, our struggle was not in vain. Thanks to Allah. :)

See this list, we’re the 17th with our business plan, ‘BAGONG’.

New Picture (1)


Well, this is not the end of our works. Because we must be qualified into top-25 to take part for the final session.

We want to make our parents, teachers and friends proud with us. So, wish us luck. :)

New Pictures See their official website here.

Bye-bye mon ami!


Pu Chan

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