Selasa, 19 April 2011


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Hey hoooo!!

How are you my LiL’ feLLow?

I’m too busy these days, I have no time to update my blog. But, luckly, I’m in holidays now! Yeah! All my senior are having national exams for almost a week and I even got that off days or I mean holidays, yipee~! *jumps *jumps

Yah, I should give them all prayer surely. So Let’s pray! Hope that all my senior can through those exams and graduate 100%! Amen…

And uhm, like usually, I have some photos to share. You know what, I’m soooo obsessed with manga and anime. Really. I like it so much, since I was a child. I saw ‘Sailor Moon’ (my favorite anime in my childhood) and fell in love at the first sight. Yeah, anime makes my eyes glowing when I saw them. That’s why, I love Japan so much. Yeah, of course I Love my country too.. :P (don’t say I have no sense of nationalism).

Besides anime-manga-things. I like Japanese culture which uses costume for some events. There is special events where the people wear costume which similiar with character in anime and manga. They look like even look the same with the characters in it. You know what kind of event is it? It’s Cosplay Cabaret!

Few days ago, dad, my sister, my friends, and I went to Gramedia Expo, in Surabaya. My sister got special manga workshop and joined manga competition too. Her works were exhibited there. At the end of the session, my sister have to draw some characters and it will be judged which one the best. So, while waiting her I watched cosplay cabaret in another room and looked for ‘victims’ to have photo with me. Hehehe..

So, here we are…


IMG_6327 My sister and her (pieces of) comic on the wall

5 Me and Ajeng

IMG_6090 My sister was so serious… *0*

IMG_6128 the cosplayers are preparing for cabaret

IMG_6110Grell and Sebastian from anime Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

1 I don’t know what character she is… (she is HE actually)

4Gin Ichimaru from anime Bleach, he is so cute~♥

Wow, i'm so exciting~ They’re really cool. Even the cabaret! wowowowowow, I’m still amazed until now. Their costumes are great and they can act well. They act so hillarious. :D Really funny. I’ll post the video later!

Tired after the ‘show’, me and my sister attemp to make our self cosplay. *LOL* I know we aren’t good…

I was cosplaying as Misa Amane and my sister as L Lawliet from anime Death Note. And hey, finally, I got the DEATH NOTE book!! yipee! The book which always I talk about when I want to cosplay. Read my Death Note post to know about that. Actually I got it since 5 month ago… Thank you so much for my bestfrien, Ebit, who gave me the book which I want it really bad. *hugs*

And these are the result of…..err….our cosplay…. .___.





2 *LOL*

Okay, see ya next time fellas!

Pu Chan

Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Peas and Corn

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Do my ‘favorite stuff’ today. Picking something in garden and cooking snack.

I have greenpeal tree in my garden, so I decide to pick the ripe ones and store it in plastic bag. Maybe I can make some meal from it next time.

a6Greenpeal tree


 a3 a4






IMG_5766 IMG_5762 IMG_5764 narsis… oh my face… *LOL

aaandd… I try to make (almost fail) pop corn with my sister.






IMG_5779 Yuuum~

I Love Sunday so much. I can spend all my time in garden and kitchen with my family. :)

Pu Chan


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Sahabat itu ada di saat kamu susah juga di saat kamu seneng. Bahkan mereka tetep nemenin kamu, di saat kamu sedang idiot-idiotnya,

Karena mereka nggak takut ketularan idiotmu. 

“You're the friend I can be a complete idiot with
and no matter what you will stand there laughing with me.

You're the friend I can get completely mad at
and than having you stand there with a funny
face completely ignoring the fact that I'm mad
at you, and just burst out laughing.

You're the friend I can trust with everything
there isn't a thing I wouldn't doupt telling you
because I trust you with my whole heart.

You're the friend that has been through
ruff times with me & were still standing strong.

You're the friend I would run to if in trouble.

You're the friend who has always helped me out,
and you know what ? You're the person that I consider
my best friend”.
- unknown

Pu Chan

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