Sabtu, 02 April 2011



Sahabat itu ada di saat kamu susah juga di saat kamu seneng. Bahkan mereka tetep nemenin kamu, di saat kamu sedang idiot-idiotnya,

Karena mereka nggak takut ketularan idiotmu. 

“You're the friend I can be a complete idiot with
and no matter what you will stand there laughing with me.

You're the friend I can get completely mad at
and than having you stand there with a funny
face completely ignoring the fact that I'm mad
at you, and just burst out laughing.

You're the friend I can trust with everything
there isn't a thing I wouldn't doupt telling you
because I trust you with my whole heart.

You're the friend that has been through
ruff times with me & were still standing strong.

You're the friend I would run to if in trouble.

You're the friend who has always helped me out,
and you know what ? You're the person that I consider
my best friend”.
- unknown

Pu Chan

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