Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Simple Cosplay.

Okay, these are my Mikami Teru one of characters from Death Note anime-manga, cosplay.
I have take these pictures few weeks ago, and already put in facebook.

Warning : cause eye disease. *kidd

Here we go,


Blurred background, disguises my messy room *teehee

IMG_0146ouu Pic of ‘about me’ and facebook prof pic.

See that “Mee-kah-Mee”?


Mikami doesn’t look smart here. This is moron.

Black Jacket : My Dad’s

Black-framed Glasses : Mine –unbranded-

Heart card : I found it in my drawing tool’s cabinet (how lucky i am –yahaa!)

Photo and model by Pu

Edited by Pu

Taken by Canon IXUS 150 camera

Simply cosplay.

I knoe this is bad, but guuys I DON’T HAVE ANY COSPLAY STUFF!

everything I’ve use is my own stuff, not specially for cosplay.

I wish I have this book…



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