Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Ganbatte kudasai!

Well, uhm.. I think the competitions are not over yet. Yeah, I know the Astronomy olimpiads has finished, but, I have another contest to be attended. It is singing contest (i’m not kidding, i know its sounds errrr-ew) I know my voice is not quite good (especially for human ears) but I still want to take part for the event. i’ve been waiting so long, I never joined this unique party before. Do you know? it’s BUNKASAI!

Anyone know about ‘bunkasai’? It’s japanese festival which is held once a year. Soo, I will sing a japanese song there. I choose one from three option songs. “Mirai E” is the best song I think, fortunately, I’m familiar with this song and remember the lyrics, so it’s quite easy for me.

I’m so nervous. Really. Tomorrow will be ‘the day’. I hope everything is going well.

Then, wish me Luck. This is my turn.

GANBATTE KUDASAI!! (means : good luck!)

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Pu Chan

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