Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011


Phew! Second semester just begun, and I don’t know how to manage these damn tasks. They’re like a pile of junk in my room : biology papers, phamphlet for english, and other working papers. Yeah yeah, it’s January huh? but why I feel like this is the middle of the year? Maybe because of the school tasks, tests, and blah blah blah.

I don’t have much time to surfing on internet, checking my accounts, even for updating this blog. I’m sorry, i’m not a good blogger :P

And yeah, actually I had a plan to make first post on 1st January 2011, but failed. On that day I had to study (again) in my lovely dopey school and I was so busy on the next 7 days. I’m thinking to be more active in blogging and update some cool stuff, but I have no time. So I pick weekend or Sunday to check my blog. I hope you never get bored to watch my ‘channel’. :D

Oh, i forget, do you see my new template?

*sigh* I made this blog looks lamer. Oh gosh, I don’t have any experience in blog design, coding, or else, I’m so amateur! TT.TT Can someone help me? I want to edit txt code from, but when I put it at the first time before I edited it won’t save it. It said that the code aren’t well-formed. I tried to other templates, but still, nothing works.

Okay, enough for these troublesome things. I’ll do practice to increase my skill then. For my school, i think I have to be more dilligent. Remember this is my last chance to fix my score in 11th grade.

New beginning has come~


Eh, do you like art or photograph?

Visit .I’ve uploaded some images. Hope you like it. :D

P.S : I’m so amateur. Don’t have SLR camera. Low skill. :P


Pu Chan

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