Senin, 13 Desember 2010

SchooL’s harvest

This moment happened a few weeks ago, but I just posted it.

Do you know Jackfruit?

I Like it, it’s sweet and chewy. But i don't like it’s smell, especiaLLy the sticky-sap.

There are a few jackfruit trees in my schooL, I aLways stare at it when I pass the schooL corridor. Wondering when those tasty fruits wiLL be harvested. hehehehe.

DSC01799One of the trees, my friend picked the fruits.


it Looks Like 'b*tt’ , huh?


Bad news. Since those fruits are schooL-owned, they’re FORBIDDEN for students. (read : students are unable to eat it)

Yeah, moreover I' just stare at it.


I want to pLant my own Jackfruit tree…

Pu Chan

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