Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Harvest time!


This is second post for today! I toLd you about the schooL’s harvest last time. I taLk more about ‘harvest’ in this post. Just about harvest. Because it happened in my house garden. Yippie~!

My mom loves plants. She always plant new kind of plant when she found some pLaces for pLanting.

The garden not quite wide, but it’s enough to be the growth pLace for various pLants. We have Lime, chiLi, eggpLant, cassava, banana, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, and many more.

Sweet potatoes are dominating the garden area. My mom pLanted it 4 months ago and it grow weLL. I Love to see them, grow and bigger for many times. In the afternoon, when my mom was watering the plants, she saw something sticking out of the ground. The color is reddish. She tried to pull out, then it turns out!

She yeLLed from the garden, so I got out from my room and amazed for sudden. It was BIG SWEET POTATO~!

ReaLLy big, bigger than ordinary ones.

I don’t know why it can be so big. Not only one, we got so many sweet potatoes. Just see these photos :




Just compare it with the watch.

The first is the biggest.

I remember when the first time they were planted. They have tiny roots and it becomes so big after some times? cool.

My dad loves it and make some snacks, made from sweet potatoes.

I Like fried sweet potatoes :D


How about you?

Do you grow fruits in your garden?

Pu Chan

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