Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

A present from ‘Bie’ :)

I got a Present..

From my best Boy-friend. (read : my friend, he is maLe, okay? don’t mind it)

He gave me it one day after my birthday.

Yah, it was Late, but it’s okay.

The precious thing is , he’s not forget my birthday and fussed himseLf to give me a gift. :)

Well, I was really surprise when one of myfriend called me out the class and brought me something.

She smiled and gave me little pink heart-patterned box.

“What is this?”

“This is from Bie, he asked me to give you this thing”

*blushes * “Eh? really?”

I rushed into my cLass, sat down and stared to the cute-little box.

What is it? what is it?

I was really excited..

Wonder ‘what kind of thing would i get??”

Hmm,,, Lemme think..

How about the pictures?  Can you help me to guess what's inside?

Here we go :D

IMG_1737 IMG_1723IMG_1722IMG_1726 IMG_1724

it’s opened! It’s opened!

Guess what’s inside!











L’ Key Chain!


He always knows what i most like.. :)

I reaLLy admire a character named ‘L’ from Death Note manga/anime. All already know it, right?

And he is gave me this!!

How LoveLy~

Thank you so much my dearest friend.. :’)

ALtough we never met each other yet, you willing to give me something. Somebody who hasn’t seen you before…

What a kind guy…


I’LL keep it…

My precious thing,,,


-September 24th 2010-



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