Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Smansagres Bazaar

Sorry for late post! You know… many tasks, no need to explain anymore, hehehe.

Uhh-kay, my school had bazaar! Cool, huh? Yeah, many food, people, and for sure, noise. This year we took world-country theme and guess what, my class got Italy. Yep, the themes are drawn, so we couldn’t choose after all. The food too! Each class should make drink/food from one basic ingredient. My class got…. *cough* Watermelon. Yes, WATERMELON. Can you imagine.. Italy + watermelon… errr.

So, I think that’s not good. Not matching at all. We decide to switch the ingredient. But it isn’t allowed. *sigh* Okay, seriously, we’re not sure for this. . . . STOP! I got an Idea. Indeed, student organizations prohibit us to exchange lottery class, but they allow us to take other ingredients which aren’t listed. I think…. How about COFFEE? They didn’t list coffee. Fortunately, when we asked student organization (again) we were allowed! yipeee~!

Through hard work, we all did designs and ornaments to our stand. We decorate with some typical Italian building. Like the Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, and Gondolas. Don't miss the costumes, I even got a chance to become an icon that will promote our product. But I wear boy-costume. Just want to try new thing, hehehe.. :P

Wanna see what happened there? Okay, here we go~


IMG_6949 Our stand with Colloseum, Pisa, Gondola, bridge and Vivi as icon~ :D


IMG_6942The waitresses : Silvia-Pipah-Hanum-Eva-Iis

IMG_6923Ajeng and me (my face looks weird) *LOL



IMG_6964 Me-Ajeng-Chika


IMG_7005 Me and my bestie, Silvia~!

And at that time, people increase and become more crowded immediately.



IMG_7037 busy,busy,busy,busy

Other stands and the stage~





Most of photos were taken by Silvia. :) Thanks dear~

Good news~ You see, all stands were great. We thought that we will lose, but we’re wrong! we got 3rd place for the winner!! yipeeeeeeeee!! Thanks God.. :’) Our effort wasn’t in vain..

Even we gained so much profits from our sales. I feel… the air of ‘class vacation’ hehehe..

Yup, I think that’s all, I hope you like it. See ya!



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