Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Pray for Japan

Hey guys, how are you?
I hope you're all great.
Long time didn't see this blog. I haven't posted anything since I was busy with mid-test in my school. Don’t ask about the result. It’s so ‘unbelievable’. =_= *sigh*

So, by the way, did you hear the news? Ah, I must be late for this. Actually, I heard it from few weeks ago. Japan earthquake, that caused the biggest Tsunami of the year. Yeah, it was a huge tsunami, reached 8.9-magnitude tremor. Oh gosh, that reminds me of tsunami in Aceh. Many people were killed. Then, I saw Japan. Houses, buildings, ships, bridge, everything was swept and left nothing except the ruins.

Seeing this, my class have a plan to give something to those who devastated. So, we made 1000 birds (origami) to be sent to Japan. Hope they cheered up with these. :)

DSC03292 my friends were making the birds. *happy* *happy*

DSC03290DSC03296 DSC03297DSC03298DSC03359DSC03301DSC03304 DSC03303

Phew, my hands…

But, this is so fun! My origami shaped better and better along the making. And hey, I took some origami photograph with Apipah. Check this out!

Photograph by Me and Pipah edited

Photograph by Me and Pipah 2

Which one do you like?

I hope Japan can recover soon. Let’s pray for Japan.


Pu Chan

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